Wooden fire truck

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A fire! Fortunately, firefighters Sam, Pat and Jim are ready to help with their truck. The ladder can be rotated both horizontally and vertically, the fire hose can be attached to the outer edge of the ladder, and the warning cones ensure safety. And when the truck is moving, the cones can be stored inside the vehicle. This wooden fire truck is FSC-certified.

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Product details

Universe : Imagination and imitation games, Vehicles
Content of toy : 1 truck, 3 firemen, 3 cones
Age range : 3 years and over
Type : Indoor
Size : 30 x 16 x 11 cm
Composition : Wood

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Ce que pense un jeu sans fin

What Un Jeu Sans Fin Thinks

With this fire engine, your child can let his imagination run wild as he invents a host of heroic stories!

The Brand

Kid’s Concept, a Swedish brand founded in 2007, embodies joy and encourages children to play more and more. By developing imitation and imaginative games that are as adorable as they are playful, the brand succeeds in inspiring children to go beyond their limits, giving free rein to their imagination. Their aim is to create beautiful, functional, innovative, unique and durable products that can be handed down from generation to generation.