The concept


  • 8. How are rental toys selected?

    Selecting the toys we make available to you is a carefully orchestrated process, where fun, learning, durability and aesthetics are key elements.

    Play: We firmly believe that play is one of the most important activities in children’s development. That’s why we choose toys that encourage imagination, creativity and the joy of play. Each toy we offer has been selected to provide an enriching play experience, allowing children to have fun while they learn.

    The educational aspect: We understand the importance of learning through play. That’s why we select toys that stimulate critical thinking, problem solving and skill development. Our toys are chosen to help children acquire new knowledge in a fun and interactive way.

    Commitment to the environment: Whenever possible, we give priority to environmentally-friendly toys, ensuring that they fall into at least one of the following categories:

    • Toys made from eco-friendly materials such as wood, natural rubber, bioplastic, etc.
    • Toys produced in France or Europe
    • High-quality toys from mainly French or European brands renowned for their expertise and quality, ensuring a very long product life.
    • No electronic toys


    Beautiful design: We understand that toys are often everywhere in the home. That’s why we take their aesthetics into account. Our toys are not only fun and educational, they’re also pretty, to the delight of parents.

    The catalogue you are currently browsing is at an early stage of development. It has been intentionally restricted to allow for collaborative growth with our customers and partners. With this in mind, we ask our customers and partners at each rental to assess their satisfaction, as well as their wishes and needs in terms of products. We then adjust our stock based on this feedback to offer products that best match reality and needs.

  • 9. What is a Toy plus?

    A Jouet Plus is a toy that is larger and heavier than the average toy. For delivery reasons, it is limited to 1 for bags of 5 or 7 toys, and to 2 for bags of 10 toys. This means that the 5 or 7 toy formulas can contain no more than one Plus Toy, and the 10 toy formula can contain no more than 2 Plus Toys. If, by mistake, you indicate more than one Plus Toy for 5- and 7-toy bags, and more than 2 Plus Toys for 10-toy bags, the order cannot be processed. The error message “Attention, your order cannot contain more than one Plus Toy” or “Attention, your order cannot contain more than 2 Plus Toys” will appear on the screen. You will then have to rectify the choice of toys in order to finalize the order.

  • 10. In certain situations, Un Jeu Sans Fin selects toys for the customer. How does this happen?

    In which cases?

    • For rentals of one month or more, you have the choice of selecting the toys you want yourself, or if you don’t have the time, don’t feel like it, or if you like surprises, Un Jeu Sans Fin can also select the toys for you, according to the age and tastes of your children.
    • For rentals of less than a month, our team will select the toys based on the same criteria.


    How does it work?

    We will ask you to fill in a quick questionnaire with the information below to help us select the best toys for your children (only the first 2 fields are compulsory):

    • Number of children
    • First names and ages of children
    • Areas of interest (building sets, books, vehicles, animals, etc.)
    • More information (if you’d like to tell us a little more about your children’s tastes and preferences)


    Un Jeu Sans Fin will do its utmost to find toys that match your children’s tastes and preferences, subject to available stocks. The selection of toys will then be sent to you by email and if you have any comments or require any modifications, we can adjust the selection together.

  • 11. Why don't some toys have a box or why do some parts seem to be missing?

    Packing boxes around toys aren’t necessarily useful, they take up space and are often fragile. Instead, we offer pretty organic cotton bags that protect the toys even better and make them easier to transport.

    To limit the loss of elements, we may remove some small parts that are not essential to the game or that are in several copies in the game. This ensures that we always have a reserve in case of loss.



  • 16. How is payment made?

    Payment is made online at, by credit card via the secure BNP Paribas platform or via Paypal.

    Rentals of one month or more work like a subscription. You are debited when the order is validated, then automatically every month on the anniversary date of the order. Of course, if you wish to stop the rental, you can do so simply by going to, “My account” page, “End of rental” / “Rental of one month or more” tab and following the steps indicated in the “Stop my rental” option. The direct debit will then stop.

    For rentals of less than one month, you will only be debited once, when the order is validated.

    No deposit is required and the offer is non-binding.
    Promotional codes are sometimes issued and should be indicated in the basket, before confirming the order, in the “Apply promotional code” space.

  • 17. Am I committed once I start a rental?

    No, our offer is non-binding. If you decide to rent toys for a month, for example, at the end of the month you can decide whether you want to continue renting for another month, or whether you want to stop.

  • 18. Do I have to pay a deposit for the rental?

    No, no deposit will be required. As mentioned in more detail in the section “What happens if my child breaks or damages one of the toys, loses an item or loses the whole set?”, if a toy is not returned to us, we will charge the toy at a preferential rate, which is the rate indicated on the product sheet.