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Un Jeu Sans Fin's mission: to play more and better!
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My name is Marion Dufour and I'm the founder of Un Jeu Sans Fin.

As far back as I can remember, I've always been drawn to the world of childhood: I love games, children, entertainment and so much more. In fact, my first job was with Hasbro, one of the world's leading toy companies. A great experience, in an incredible world! I then built my professional career in the luxury goods sector. A different world, but just as exciting! But all these years, I kept in the back of my mind this desire to return to the world of childhood. I still didn't know how...
And then, with the arrival of my two children, I rediscovered toys, or rather, I discovered them from a whole new angle... that of parents!
Although I already knew the benefits of toys, I then discovered the subtleties that also went with them...

"My living room looks like a playroom".

Toys play a major role in the lives of children AND their parents. They are, of course, a source of joy and discovery, but also of excessive consumption and home clutter. There are several reasons for this: children grow and evolve rapidly, and toys have to keep pace; children tire very quickly, and parents like to please them, so new toys are bought regularly; and finally, no matter how well we know our children, sometimes we make a mistake in our choice of toys and end up with unused sets. All this means a lot of toys, and a lot of waste…

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"Vacations with children do not rhyme with rest".

That was one of the first things I said to myself as a new mother. Our first vacation with child was wonderful, but not relaxing! As parents, you clearly don’t have enough time for yourself and for rest, and it’s the same on vacation. Logistics are hard enough… traveling with everything a child needs is a big deal! And once you’re there, it’s not always easy to keep them occupied, especially when you haven’t been able to take all their toys with you…

With all this in mind, I realized that toy rental was the perfect answer to each of these challenges, and even more!
So I decided to combine my passion for toys with my experience in the luxury goods industry, to offer an alternative to today's toy consumption patterns that would benefit both children and parents. An innovative and ecological concept, offering a turnkey service, to raise awareness that use can sometimes replace possession, for a simpler and healthier world.
The concept of Un Jeu Sans Fin was born.
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Offering a healthier alternative to repeat toy purchases

The toy industry is one of the most polluting sectors. 40 million toys are thrown away every year in France – that’s the equivalent of 1 toy thrown away every second. With Un Jeu Sans Fin, not only do we limit over-consumption and waste through rental, but we also discover and enjoy timeless, long-lasting toys, all in packaging that’s as pretty as it is eco-friendly.

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Fun that never gets old

Children tire very quickly: 7 out of 10 toys are no longer used 8 months after purchase, and end up piling up in cupboards. With their taste for novelty, children also often seem more interested in other people’s toys than their own. Un Jeu Sans Fin offers them the opportunity to discover new toys adapted to their age and development, and to renew them as often as they like, to ensure endless happiness without waste.

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A balanced, serene family life

Children, however adorable, take up space, time and energy. The family’s equilibrium is sometimes upset. The Un Jeu Sans Fin concept is designed to make life easier for parents. It allows them to limit clutter, share more with their children, or just take a breather and let them discover their new toys on their own. What’s more, by offering a turnkey service (including a breakage guarantee, flexible delivery, play mat packaging for easy transport and storage of toys, etc.), parents can enjoy their toys without any constraints.

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Listen, learn and challenge yourself to progress

Un Jeu Sans Fin is a recent concept. It’s important to accept that not everything is perfect, and to listen to families, partners and the market in order to stay in touch with realities and expectations, and move forward. It’s essential to keep innovating and developing, so that this eco-responsible concept gains in importance, and to enjoy watching consumer habits evolve and the world change.

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The name “Un jeu sans fin” is closely linked to the rental principle. By renting toys, the game never ends. The toy entertains one child for a while, then another. It’s a virtuous circle. And there’s nothing like a little wooden train (a timeless representation of the sustainable toy), rolling on infinity-symbol tracks, to illustrate this concept.

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