Tree house to build and its pretty canvas

3 years and over
Reference : SK001
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Children’s indoor tree house construction kit.
A modular and creative kit, designed in France by a mother of three and made in Europe from quality untreated wood.

A magnificent tree house to build for hours of play!

With this 72-piece pack, your children will be able to build a multitude of different structures and give free rein to their imagination. Once the structure is assembled, simply place the pretty canvas on top to complete the tree house.

This pack contains: 24 wooden connectors, 48 wooden rods (45 cm, 1 cm diameter), 1 booklet with tips and inspiration, 1 cotton storage bag, 1 canvas, 1 hammer to help with assembly and dismantling.

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Product details

Universe : Imagination and imitation games
Content of toy : 24 wooden connectors, 48 rods (45cm, 1cm diameter), 1 advice and inspiration booklet, 1 cotton storage bag, 1 canvas, 1 hammer
Age range : 3 years and over
Type : Indoor
Size : 100 x 92 x 50 cm
Composition : Untreated wood

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What Un Jeu Sans Fin Thinks

We love spending time with the children, helping them to build the tree house, then letting them play on their own inside for hours!

The Brand

The Sarbakane brand was founded at the end of 2022 by Charlotte Chastang, a mother of three. Charlotte created the brand with the aim of designing captivating toys that keep children occupied and away from screens. In 2022, she launched “1001 Cabanes”, a range of high-quality indoor tree house building sets made from raw wood in Europe. In February 2024, Charlotte presented her company to investors on the TV show “Qui veut être mon associé?” and succeeded in convincing Kelly Massol to invest in Sarbakane.