Wooden ring-throwing game

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Traditional wooden ring-throwing game, suitable for children aged three and over. The principle is to throw the five rings (each player throws the five rings) and land them on the rod. The winner is the player with the most points! By throwing the rings and aiming at the rod, children develop their motor skills. This game also encourages interaction with others and patience while waiting one’s turn. It comes with a small storage bag for easy transport.

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Product details

Universe : Outdoor games
Content of toy : 5 rings, 5 rods, 2 trays
Age range : 3 years and over
Type : Outdoor
Size : 37 x 17 x 37 cm
Composition : Pine, jute, schima, cotton

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A great game of skill for outdoor play!

The Brand

Kid’s Concept, a Swedish brand founded in 2007, embodies joy and encourages children to play more and more. By developing imitation and imaginative games that are as adorable as they are playful, the brand succeeds in inspiring children to go beyond their limits, giving free rein to their imagination. Their aim is to create beautiful, functional, innovative, unique and durable products that can be handed down from generation to generation.