Wood resonance microphone

1 year and over
Reference : E0337
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Is your child’s greatest dream to become a rock singer? Every child can really sing on stage with this battery-free resonance microphone! This high-quality microphone adds an echo to the child’s voice, for their greatest enjoyment!

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Product details

Universe : Imagination and imitation games, Early years toys
Content of toy : 1 microphone
Age range : 1 year and over
Type : Indoor
Size : 8 x 8 x 8 cm
Composition : Wood

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Hape embodies playful education with high-quality wooden toys that encourage learning, creativity and imagination. Their commitment to sustainability and quality has made them a global benchmark and they are now the leading manufacturer of bamboo toys. Hape toys, originally designed for schools and nurseries, now bring joy and happiness to homes, appealing to successive generations thanks to their fun and educational nature. Timeless toys, handed down from generation to generation, that are a sure bet for every parent.