Solitary Vegetable Garden

5 years and up
Reference : 2162
Available in packs :
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The real solitaire game revisited by Vilac.
Today is harvest day. Will you be clever enough to harvest all the carrots in the garden so that there’s only one left at the end? An original wooden solitaire game with carrot-shaped pawns to delight gourmets.

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Product details

Universe : Educational toys
Content of toy : 33 carrots, 1 base
Age range : 5 years and up
Type : Inside
Size : 20 x 20.4 x 8 cm
Composition : Wood and felt

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What Un Jeu Sans Fin Thinks

The solitaire game is a great classic, giving children a chance to sit alone and think. This vegetable garden version is to die for!

The Brand

Vilac is a French brand that has been creating high-quality, timeless wooden toys for over 80 years, and has succeeded in making every generation of children dream. Vilac is also a brand that knows how to combine tradition and innovation, proposing unexpected and beautiful collaborations with today’s designers and illustrators.Vilac has also been awarded the EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) label, recognizing French companies that combine innovation, tradition and excellence.