Set of 3 books (FR): Oh no George !, Boo!, Hush !

3 years and over
Reference : LIV005
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Pack of 3 books in French with offbeat humour for a great time for kids, and parents!
Oh no George (40 pages): George promised to be good. He would so love to be good. But he’s just seen a cake in the kitchen… What’s George going to do?
Boo! The scariest book in the world (34 pages): In this book, readers are greeted by a little ghost determined to scare them. But to no avail. But he does manage to startle him… No ? A shiver then? Still no? Out of ideas and as vexed as a louse, the little ghost is saved by the bell. Yes, ghosts are just like everyone else: they go to school, do their homework and have to listen to their mum when she calls them to eat. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!
Hush! We’ve got a plan (39 pages): Who goes there, quietly, in the woods? They have a plan!

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Product details

Universe : Books
Content of toy : 3 books
Age range : 3 years and over
Type : Indoor
Size : 26.6 x 25.6 x 3.7 cm
Composition : Paper

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3 books with a quirky sense of humour for a good time for children and parents alike!