Jeu de Ludo ou Jeu des petits chevaux revisité

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The mythical game of little horses, revisited by Liewood. Cute little rabbits, pandas, bears and cats in silicone compete on the board for a good time!

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Product details

Universe : Board games
Content of toy : 16 animals, 1 die, 1 board, 1 box
Age range : 3 years and up
Type : Inside
Size : 20 x 5 x 20 cm
Composition : Silicone animals and dice free of harmful chemicals such as phthalates Cardboard tray

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What Un Jeu Sans Fin Thinks

We love the classic, timeless feel of this game, and the fact that it’s been revisited by Liewood. The design is superb, and the materials used are highly resistant and therefore durable.

The Brand

The Liewood brand comes from Denmark and offers superb toys with Nordic design and sustainable materials. Liewood also takes an ethical approach to manufacturing. All products are manufactured under controlled, safe and fair conditions, without compromising employment or the environment.