Cork cubes

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With these cork blocks, your child can give free rein to his imagination and create a multitude of constructions! These cork toys are quiet, light, healthy, soft and environmentally friendly, so they’re fun and educational at the same time: children can build and break endlessly, but they can also sort the blocks by shape or colour, or even practise counting.
Made in Portugal.

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Product details

Universe :
Content of toy : 20 blocks
Age range :
Type :
Size : 15,5 x 4,7 x 21,9 cm
Composition : Cork

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A superb, lightweight construction set that doesn’t make a sound!

The Brand

Korko is a Portuguese brand offering high-quality, environmentally-friendly building blocks. Inspired by contemporary design, these building blocks are made mainly from cork, a recyclable and entirely natural material. It’s a durable, soft and quiet toy that encourages children’s fine motor skills and imagination. Korko establishes a playful and intuitive link between children and nature.