Bioplastic kitchen set

2 years and above
Reference : 6977
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Kitchen set made from eco-labelled Nordic Swan bioplastic and made in Denmark.
This comprehensive set encourages play and learning, and is perfect for indoor or outdoor use.
It includes 1 2-ring hob, 2 saucepans, 1 colander, 1 chopping board, kitchen utensils and salt and pepper.

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Product details

Universe : Imagination and imitation games
Content of toy : 13 pieces: 1 2-ring hob, 2 saucepans, 1 colander, 1 chopping board chopping board, 5 kitchen utensils, 1 salt, 1 pepper, 1 pot
Age range : 2 years and above
Type : Indoor
Size : 35 x 17 x 19 cm
Composition : Bioplastic, 90% sugar cane

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What Un Jeu Sans Fin Thinks

Children love to play at cooking, and thanks to bioplastics, they can do it indoors as well as outdoors!

The Brand

Dantoy has been a leading Danish toy brand for over 55 years. Dantoy specialises in the manufacture of high-quality toys and offers a wide range of playthings in a variety of universes: indoor and outdoor playthings, beach and snow toys, imitation and imaginative playthings, and so on. Dantoy’s philosophy is to offer children a “sustainable, educational and imaginative” play experience. It also takes care of our children and the planet, since many of its toys are associated with the White Swan label, a Scandinavian environmental label that meets very strict criteria concerning product composition, safety, quality and environmental impact (recyclable product).